Think Together

By Patrick

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Q. What is your favorite acedemic club at Think Together?
A. "Teen Zone because I get to play more sports'

Are you ready to here about the BEST after school program? It’s Think Together at RCMS! Think Together is an after school program where you get to do your homework, play sports and more! Think Together goes from 2:48 to 6:00. Think Together at RCMS is one of the ONLY demo sites in the state of California! A demo site is a site where people from other Think Togethers come to learn from us.


Q. How do you like Think Together this year?
A. "I like Think Together this year because they have better snacks and I love sports"

Q. How long have you been at Think Together?
A. "I just started this year and it seems fun"
In Think together you have classes. the classes are separated by grades. There are two 6th grade classes, two 7th grade classes, and one 8th grade class. The site coordinator for Think Together at RCMS is Ms. Martinez. She tries very hard to give her students the best year at Think Together possible. The program leaders for the classes are Mr. Mike, Mr. Rudy, Mr. Alex, Ms. Becka, and Ms. Lashelle.

Q. What is your favorite part about Think Together?
A.  "I like doing an everyday sport"

Q. What is your favorite sports club at Think Together?
A. "Basketball because im good at it"
Fun stuff we have in Think Together is Fun Fridays. During fun Fridays, we play sports, hang out, watch movies, listen to music, and sometimes eat food. On Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays we do sports clubs or academic clubs. Academic club at Think Together is a requirement by the state that all Think Togthers have to do. Academic clubs include cooking, mad science, math and, teen zone. Think Together can be an opportunity for you to have more fun with your friends, get your homework done, and be part of the best after school program.

Q. Do you enjoy being at Think Together?
A. "Yes because I get to be social after school with my friends"