Students Favorite Sports
What is your favorite sport and why? Hey do you have a favorite sport at RCMS? If so this is an article for you! In this article you will see other student’s favorite sports, why they picked that sport, and when these sports are available at RCMS. So whats your’s favorite sport?
What is your favorite sport and why?
Nathan said "My favorite sport is football because I like playing it with my friends."
What sports are here at RCMS? There is basketball, football, soccer, blast ball, handball, four square, and ultimate frisbee. These sports are all enjoyable and fun to play with friends. Football is also an after school sport now. Will you be participating in after school football?
Miguel said "I like soccer because it's fun and all of my friends play it."

What is your favorite sport and why? The majority of students here at RCMS say basketball and football are their favorite sports. Most of these answers come from boys and some girls. They say it's fun because these sports are very competitive and their sports you can enjoy with your friends.
What is your favorite sport and why?
Joseph said "I like to play basketball because it is my favorite activity in P.E."
Most of these sports are available at lunch and at PE. PE has all these sports except for four square. Lunch only has soccer, football, handball, and foursquare. To participate in most of these sports you can bring your own ball or you can go to the ASB and turn in your backpack or something like a bracelet then you can ask for a ball. So do you have any favorite sports? Johnny said "I like playing football because it's the best sport at lunch."