Moving On. .
               By Briana
We all knew the day was going to arrive sooner or later. Realizing middle school years were going to go by so fast that we won’t even notice it. Our promotion day was going to happen and once we promote there’s no turning back to fix broken and unsolved patches.Once that bell rings on May 21, we say our goodbyes and move on. We let go of the past and move onto the present and future.

That day. .The day we are no longer apart of middle school, of being an 8th grader. We promote to high school.  We cry and hold on to each other . Never wanting to let go of each other because we are scared of losing one another. It could possibly be the last day we will ever see each other again.

On May 21 once that bells ring we are officially freshmens. The 7th graders that are at our school are our 8th graders, 6th graders are the 7th graders. We aren’t at the top anymore, we start fresh from the bottom for high school. Some of us are separated from our friends and some of us have friends till the end.

We move on from the past and start our future. Heading onto high school and then into college. One day we will look back at middle school and realize how much we have changed. Bring back those good times and cry over those hard, difficult times some of us went through. Life was easy then, but we now have more responsibilities. Remember your school pride..

Once A Lion Always A Lion