Thanksgiving Holiday
    By: Kiley

  Hey Lions(: I bet you’re all excited for November because Thanksgiving is coming up & you’re all ready to eat all that good food :p Even though the food is really good, thats not what Thanksgiving is all about. Not everybody celebrates Thanksgiving the same way. Some people have a big feast or others just have a simple dinner with their family. Thanksgiving Holiday is about being thankful & appreciative for all that you have.
        As for food, in the United States, people usually eat food such as a turkey, stuffing, gravy, vegetables, pumpkin pie, and much more. About 91 % of Americans eat turkey on Thanksgiving Day every year & about 280 million turkeys are sold annually for Thanksgiving. Even though we eat a lot of different food on Thanksgiving, there were many things served at the very first Thanksgiving feast that a lot of people don’t usually eat now such as; deer, flint corn, and different types of fish.
         There is a lot of history behind Thanksgiving. For example, the first Thanksgiving lasted for three days and 50 Pilgrims & 52 Native Americans attended the feast. Thanksgiving has been an annual holiday since 1863. Since 1970, Native Americans have celebrated Thanksgiving Day in Plymouth, at Plymouth rock. Most places are closed on Thanksgiving such as, businesses, schools, and government offices. Schools usually give kids a week off for Thanksgiving break.

I hope you guys liked this article and  I hope you guys have a Happy Thanksgiving! (: 

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