Presidential Election
By: Alyssa

Hey Lions!  Welcome back (^.^/).
Im pretty sure all of you know who won the election. This election was very competitive. 

    I bet most of you thought there was only 2 parties, Democrat or Republican .. But actually there is a lot more that you have may never heard of. For instance theres The Socialist Workers Party , The Socialist Equality Party , The Reform Party , The Peace and Freedom Party , The Constitution Party, and The Libertarian Party. There is still many other parties. But the most popular parties that we know and recognize are The Democratic Party and The Republican Party. 

    Many of you participated in the election, Especially if you are in Mr. Maynor’s class or Mr. Markley’s class. Many people were both happy and unhappy with the results of the election. Ohio, Florida, and Nevada were some of the states that people were very anxious about. Florida was undeclared for a while but they finally counted up all the votes and the most of the votes were toward Obama. As you all know Obama is a Democrat and Mitt Romney is a republican. A lot of people don’t know what the difference is between being a republican and being a democratic.  A lot of people are confused on what each one is, But it all matters on your views on America’s decisions.
Good job on winning Obama :)

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