PICTURE FROM "SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS"

Hey there Baseball fans of RCMS, in case you haven't heard the San Francisco Giants have won the 2012 World Series.  They played the Detroit Tigers in the championship, they beat them 4 - games to 0.  The Giants had a tough road on the way to winning a championship. In the first round they played the Cincinnati Reds.  In that series the Giants and Reds had a tough battle, the Giants were down two games to zero and about to be eliminated when all of a sudden they came back.  They won the next two games and tied the series. The Giants ended up beating the Reds, and advancing to the next round.  The next series was the NLCS ( National league Championship series ), the Giants played the Washington Nationals and again were down in the series, but then they ended up coming back and winning and going to the World Series.  At the same time the Detroit Tigers we’re playing the New York Yankees.  They swept the Yankees and advance to the World Series.  In the World Series the Tigers and Giants fought hard in game one, it was a good game but at the end the Giants ended up taking game one.  In game two the Giants mainly had control the entire game winning 2-0.  After winning that game they were leading the series 2-0.  Again in game three the Giants took command and won that game, in game four the Giants won and took the championship by sweeping the tigers 4 games to 0. Winning the World Series took hard work and dedication and the results payed off, winning the World
Series is every baseball players dream and for the Giant players it just came true !