Title: Unicorn Facts
By: Michelle

Hey Lions, this article is about unicorns! So if your interested on them, keep reading. Unicorns are described as a white horse with a spiraling, sharp horn from it’s forehead, and it would sometimes have a goat’s beard and hooves and a tail of a lion. Unicorn sightings have been around since a long time. The first was about 5,000 years ago. Unicorns have always been in poems, stories, fairy tales, and songs for centuries, and because of that, young children believe in them. Most stories that include them are of the Asian and European. In most cases, the unicorn was a good sign and was said to have the ability to heal wounds. In other stories, the unicorn would be confused for a pegasus, another mythical creature that has the same body as a unicorn but it also has wings and can fly. Unicorns were said to have mystical powers; one is that it has an amazing strength, and it can tell the difference from truth or false. Long ago, unicorns would be hunted for their horns, which was said to give the person wearing it long life without illness or disease. In ancient times, it was believed that it’s horn could take out poison from food and drinks so people back then made cups out of them, hoping that it will cure them. But then, there were no evidence that they were made out of real unicorn horns. Other powers were that unicorns could speak in your head if they were touching you, and that if you drink their blood, you live forever. All those rumors made the unicorns extinct because hunters would want their magical abilities for themselves. If unicorns were even real, the human mind must be really creative!

This is what I think a unicorn would look like!



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