It’s Okay To Be Wild {;
By: Tabitha

 Howdy. Have you ever felt like you just wanted to let loose and  try something way out of your comfort zone? Yeah. That's the feeling of determination, and wanting to just let your imagination run free. :D
If you ever have a chance to do

something totally crazy and different from what you usually do,

 risk it and maybe it will turn out to be better than what you thought it’d be. Roll the dice, and take a chance in life. Don't let your fears and your shyness get in the way. Just dare yourself to be WILD. {;

Now, here are some of your unidentified schoolmates that I have interviewed about being crazy and wild. ;D
A 6th grade girl said, "One time, my friend was going to sing for an audition for the talent show in elementary school, and at the last minute she decided she didn't want to go solo, and it was too late to drop out, so I had no choice but to join her and we both won 2nd place. I felt really proud." :D

A 7th grade boy said, "During the summer, I went to six flags with my friends and they were all excited to go on the rollercoaster called 'X2'. I decided I wouldn't go on the rollercoaster because it was too extreme for me, but then my friends started teasing me. So in the end, I decided to ride it with them to shut them up and after the ride was over, I threw up.
After he told me his story, I put my hand on his shoulder and said, "I'm proud of you, kiddo." xD
An 8th grade girl said, "So, one day I was hanging out at my friend's house with a few more other friends who also happened to come over. We were bored so they decided to have a paint fight. I said to them, 'No thanks.' because I did not want to have to clean the paint out of my long hair after. So they decided to leave me alone but as I sat in the garage, I watched them throw paint at each other and they were laughing and smiling. I decided that I did not want to miss the fun so I got up and threw a hand-full of paint at my main friend. She laughed, and then poured a WHOLE bucket of red paint on my precious, LONG, brown hair. After the paint war was over, we all rinsed each other off with the hose, and I was the last to be rinsed and all of the paint didnt even come off of my hair!":D

So remember, if you ever have your doubts about something that

seems too crazy for you and you aren’t sure about doing it, you should just do it anyway, because you might end up liking the outcome of it. Get wild and be crazy- but not too crazy. Take risks, because if you win, you will be happy. But if you lose, you will be wise. To live a creative life, you must lose the fear of being wrong. (;
Inside of all of us there is a wild thing waiting to burst out. [;
Don't give up, the beginning is always the hardest. There's always a wild side to an innocent face. (; So get off the couch, put down the food, turn off the T.V., and take a walk on the WILD SIDE. ;D And don’t forget to wear a smile on your face, and leave all of your regrets behind. So just take risks, and live life to the fullest.
Some people call it craziness, but I call it being wild. {;

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