Impressions on RCMS :D

Title: What Do You Think Of RCMS?
By: Samantha

Heyy Lions, it’s me again. In this article you we be reading about what the students of  RCMS think about our school. I surveyed 4 sixth, seventh, and eighth graders.

For eighth grade I interviewed Kevin, Anthony, Natalie, and Dianna.  Here is what they said, Kevin says “It’s okay but I want hats.” Natalie says, “ This school is muffintastic, most teachers are too serious. School might be better if we had muffins for lunch.” Anthony says, “ Pretty good, I like the rules, I also like  dress code because it keeps us safe. Teachers are awesome.”  Lastly, Dianna said, “ Fun, this school has gotten better over the years. Some teachers are fun but some give too much homework, I’m going to miss this school.”




For the seventh graders, I interviewed Dannica, Sandy, Liahona , and Johnny. Here is what they said , Dannica said “ RCMS is a good place to hang out with friends.”  Sandy said, “ Its a good school, it’s a big place, and fun to hang out with friends.” Liahona said, “ Pretty good, I like it because there’s a lot of friendly people.” Lastly Johnny said “ This school is cool.”




For the sixth graders, I interviewed Destinee, Issai, Domion, and Lauren. Here is what they said, Destinee said, “ Its nice, there’s a lot of nice people, and this school is much bigger than elementary.”  Issai said, “ It’s large and very liony.”  Domion said, “ RCMS is a cool school.”  Lastly Lauren said, “ There’s more freedom here.”




I would like to take this time to thank the 12 students I interviewed, and to all the readers who clicked on this link, I hope you liked my article. See you next time ^_^

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