BY; Samantha
    Hey lions.  Have you guys tried any Japanese candy?  If you haven’t tried or seen any of their candy, now is your chance to.  One of the Japanese candies are called Hi-ChewsHi-Chews are candies that are similar to Starbursts.  They both have the same type of texture and taste.  Hi-Chews are sold in most Asian markets and are not as rare as the others. 
   Another type of Japanese candy is called PockiesPockies are actually types of cookies, but they are considered Japanese candy.  Pockies are biscuit sticks that are dipped in all different types of frosting flavorings.  You can purchase these cookie/ candies at any local Asian market as well. 
  Chelesea is another wonderful type of candy.  The texture of that candy is very hard candy, but yet, soft and chew after a while.In Japan, they have created a candy powdered substance that needs to be mixed with water and you can make your very own Japanese candy.  Japanese candy has an endless amount of flavors, colors, and textures.  You should try different kinds of tastes and different flavors. 
  Most people are afraid to try different things, but you don’t have to be afraid.  It's just candy.  Hope you get the chance to buy and taste this candy.  I love candy! ^..^ Until next time America. (:
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