Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2
By: Al
Hey there Lions! (: Do you like going to the movies?  Well if you do, here’s a recommended movie you should watch! ---> Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2. :D This movie comes out on Friday, November 16.  It is based on the book "Breaking Dawn" written by Stephanie Myer and it is the continuous movie of Breaking Dawn Part 1.  This is a romance and sci-fi / fantasy movie and it is rated PG-13.  If you have watched the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and Breaking Dawn Part 1 you will surely enjoy the next part. There will also be a midnight showing on Thursday, November 16.  I’m pretty sure most girls are going to watch this movie because of the vampires and werewolves. (;  Breaking Dawn Part 2 will be the last movie in the series.  So I recommend watching the previous movies before watch Breaking Dawn Part 2 if you haven't seen the others. (:

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