Hurricane Sandy
                                                                                                                                                                      By: Jacky
      Hey lions? How you doing? Hope your doing good (^o^). Well, in this article I'm going to talk about Hurricane Sandy. I’m pretty sure you already heard about Hurricane Sandy but I'm going to tell you a little more about this devastating hurricane. Hurricane Sandy was one of the largest hurricane thats has hit the East Coast. One Monday morning hurricane sandy hit New Jersey with strong winds of 80mph. Then by the time it spread to New York, and Pennsylvania these are the states that Hurricane Sandy made the most damage too.  The winds went up to 110mph! And left millions of people without power. This hurricane also destroyed millions of peoples homes. The East cost streets were left like rivers and there was a lot of areas flooding. If you guys are familiar with a show called Jersey Shore you may know that the board walk has been totally destroyed. With all the harsh wind even a roller coaster that was in the board walk collapsed into the ocean. Thats not it there was a lot of people that needed medical attention and couldn't receive it right away. Hurricane Sandy has also token the lives of 100 people so far. After this hurricane there is a lot of people that are still injured and are left with nothing. Happily Hurricane Sandy has receive help that New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania needs.
           Hurricane sandy destroyed a lot of homes leaving people without any of there belongings the once had. this shows us that we should always be prepared for any surprises that mother nature can bring us. if you still don't have any emergency plan planed with you family you should defiantly plan one so you and you love ones can be prepared if any natural disaster may happen.
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