Black holes are a very strange thing in our universe.  No one knows what exactly its made out of and how it looks like.  The reason why we know there’s a black hole is because of the surrounding objects such as stars and radiation.  Black holes are basically a collapsed inner core of a star that have very large mass.  Stars have two stages to grow into a black hole.  They first grow into a giant star and it turns into a supernova.  The inner layer of the stars core turns into black hole.  Gravity is trying to crush the star's core, but because of fusion in the star, it continues to grow until it can no longer fight against gravity.  Basically when a star has a large mass, they have a short life, but when they have little mass, they live longer.  Stars have to have a large mass in order to turn into a blackhole.  Black holes gravitational pull is so strong that once light is inside what is called the event horizon, it can’t escape.  Anything near the event horizon will be sucked in, even stars.  When material is sucked into the black hole, it becomes bigger.  The material being sucked into the black hole will be accelerated and heated to very high temperatures.  In result, there is an emission of X-ray light.  More X-ray light is generated when some of the material swirling into the black hole, but instead of falling into the black hole, it spits it back out at fast speeds.  Some material wont reach the event horizon, but instead will be caught in a magnetic field that exists around the black hole.  There are super massive blackholes called stellar.  The middle of our galaxy has a stellar.  Black holes are the strangest things that exist in the universe.

The Andromeda Galaxy

Image credit: The Electronic Universe Project

The middle of the galaxy has a stellar

Background image credit:Gemini Observatory, AURA, Travis Rector (Univ. Alaska Anchorage)
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