We all know that Obama won the 2012 election but that is not what I'm going to talk about.  If you actually pay attention to election day you don’t just vote for a president, you vote for propositions.  Props in California must be passed by the citizens of California. Here is a list of props.
Prop 30 is a temporary tax to fund Education.
Prop 32 is to prohibit unions from taking  money from people’s pay checks for political purposes.
Prop 34 is to repeals the death penalty.
Prop 36 revises law to impose life sentence only when new felony conviction is serious or violent, on the last strike.
Prop 37 is a law to make companies label all the ingredients and chemicals used in the food.
How do you feel about prop 30?
Martin: No, because people will have to pay more taxes.
Anthony: I don’t agree with it, I don’t want people to get taxed.
Ali: If it gets us to Knots Berry Farm.
Sydney: Yes.

Yes or no on prop 34?

Martin: No, because people get there punishment  for there sins.
Anthony: Yes, because people that are accused might not be guilty and it will be to late.
Ali: Yes.
Sydney: Ya, I don’t want people to die.

Do you think prop 37 is really needed?

Martin: No, because no one will buy the food.
Anthony: Yes, because I want to know what I eat.
Ali: Yes, because some people might be allergic to some chemicals.
Sydney: Yes, because some chemicals are dangerous.
The propositions that got yes are:
Prop 30, Prop 35, Prop 36, Prop 39, and Prop 40. The rest are no.

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