By: Amanda
    Hello Lions! Have you ever seen someone getting bullied or been bullied yourself? Well, if you’re watching someone getting bullied you should stand up, if your just watching the person getting bullied your just as bad as the bully.  Also, being bullied sucks, words do really hurt. Most bullies, bully other people because there is something wrong with their life or they have been bullied. So, they bully other people to feel like the stronger person or to be funny and to impress their friends. Well, bullying someone is not cool even if other people thinks it’s funny, because the person your bullying is probably thinking of killing themselves or doing stupid things because of what you did or say to them. Even if you were just joking around or teasing, some people might take it literally and get offended. So, you should think before you speak. I’ve interviewed some people and here is what they have to say.

    Me: Have you ever been a bully?
    Anonymous Person: Yes, I used to trip and pull this girl’s hair. I would also choke her in 6th grade. I would call her mean names when I saw her.
    Me: Do you regret doing it?
    Anonymous Person: Yes, because after she got me in trouble we became friends.

Now here is the 2nd person I interviewed.
        Me: Have you ever been bullied?
        Anonymous Person: As a matter of fact I have, my sister bullies me all the time. She would pull my hair and sit on my face for the littlest
        things she also calls me some really rude words I can not say but yes I have been bullied.

    Stop bullying. Period. It’s okay to be different than everyone else. Don’t let those harsh words get to you because you have a lot to live for throughout your life. :)

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