Live, Love, Laugh, Cry, Hope, Worry, Forgive, Accept, Enjoy, Believe, Pray, Remember.
You could do many more things but what you can’t do is forget.

This Is For You Dad.

People Change, Memories Don’t.
By: Hitoshi
There’s one thing I don’t like to see, seeing the people you love the most go somewhere else instead of being there right by your side. Maybe one day you’ll see them again but you never know when that day will come, it’ll come out of no where but that day might be one of the most special days of your life. Or the worst. Maybe it’ll bring back memories and just make you think if you would like to have more. You may worry if you’ll ever see that person again but you hope to see that they are doing good in life. What if they’re not? Well there isn’t much you could do but remember the times you had with that special person. Remember and treasure the time you had with that person because you know that in that time you spent with that person was one of the greatest times you had. Well for me the memories with that special person are more than just memories, they are moments filled with love and joy, they are moments where you could sit down and just laugh and smile, but they could make you cry and make you miss the person you spent time with. Make you miss the person they was were but now you just hope that they will come back, not just physically but as themselves, who they used to be. There isn’t much more I should or could say but there is something everybody should know.

People Change
Memories Don’t...
Behind everything I will remember.
 I still love you.

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