Soon To Be Eighth Graders
By: Elysia

      Hey 7th graders hope you're having a great year!! Are you excited about going to eighth grade? Well if you are good if you aren't then that's not good. There really isn't anything to worry about. Being in eighth grade has a lot of responsibilities but other than that it is fun. There are activities like eighth grade dance, trip to Knott's, and of course promotion. So you shouldn't be worried or scared about going to eighth grade.

         Being in eighth grade is lots of fun. You and your friends can make a lot of memories. For example, my friend Alicia and I made lots of memories like when she was dancing in the hallway and fell!! Also you can have fun electives like advanced computers, art, band or office aid. With office aid you get to be in the office and when they have anything to give to students or teachers you get to deliver them. With advanced computers you get to create the yearbook!! Overall being in eighth grade is lots of fun, and you will enjoy it!!!