Leaving For High School
  By: Jacob

Hello 8th graders!  So this time I’m going to be talking about you guys leaving R.C.M.S. and going to high school.  As some people know, there are eight high schools in our district.  These schools include Chaffey, Colony, Etiwanda, Alta Loma, Los Osos, Ontario, Rancho Cucamonga, and Montclair.  From what I know, most of you will probably go to Chaffey, Alta Loma, Rancho, or Colony.

With so many schools to choose from, I for one am interested to find out where some of you will be going... so let’s see!

So there you go!  Out of all the eight high schools there are, it looks like Alta Loma and Summit are the two chosen schools where people are goingNow if some of you are wondering why there's only two people in the video, it's because a lot of people didn't want a video taken of them.  As for me, I will also be going to Alta Loma like Shawn and if someone asked why, it would be because: Alta Loma is the closest school to my house and I know a few friends of mine that are in 9th and 10th grade there already.  So I hope all of you 8th graders liked this last article that I'll be doing here and maybe I'll see some of you next year at Alta Loma.  If not, then I hope you have a great time wherever you're going.  

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