7th to 8th By: Shawn

    Greetings 7th Graders of 2012-2013, are you guys ready to become 8th Graders next year? 8th Grade year you will learn different things in each class, like in History you will learn about America. Then in Science you will learn about Physical Science, and in Math you will either get Algebra Readiness or Algebra 1, but hopefully more people will get Algebra 1 than Algebra Readiness. You will also get a fun elective to do, your choices are Computers, Band, and Art. Everything in 8th Grade as you know is going to be harder, so try as hard as you can!!!

    When you are an 8th Grader there are more things that you will get to do. You will get to to go on a Field Trip which  6th and 7th will not get to do, unless the school changes everything. You get to say that you are going to high school the next year. You also get to compete in the Student vs. Staff, and that is one of the best parts of the year. You also get to go to your Promotion Ceremony. People love that part because their family comes and watches them move on to high school!!!
    8th Graders as you know are at the top of the school. So when you are an 8th Grader you have responsibilities. So you can not horse around with your friends or else you will get in trouble. You have to watch out for others that are around you. When you are good you may get a Lions Den. If you don't know what Lions Den is, it's a place where all the students go for caught being good. All these things that you could do in 8th Grade is what you should be looking forward too, SO GOOD LUCK LIONS!!!

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