Lockers in Middle School
                                            By: Kiley
Hey new 6th graders! :) So going to a new school may sound a little scary but theres nothing to really be scare
d of. In middle school, there’s a lot of things that are different than elementary school. There’s bigger kids, dressing out for P.E., and you change classes every period. There’s a lot more responsibility in middle school, a lot more homework, books to carry, and you have to start being a little more independent. At first, you may be over-whelmed but once the year goes on, it gets easier and you get more use to it.

    I’m going to talk about getting lockers in middle school. Unfortunately, as a 6th grader you don’t get lockers for your books and you have to carry them around everywhere you go. 7th grade year is when you get your lockers. Even though you don’t get lockers for your books, you do get P.E. lockers. When you’re a 6th grader or a 7th grader at RCMS, you get the smallest P.E. lockers. You are only allowed to use the lockers for your P.E. clothes. Finally, when you get to 8th grade, you get the 3 foot lockers which has a lot more room for your P.E. clothes. So that’s good news :)

    Other than not getting lockers for your 6th grade year, 6th grade is a lot of fun and there’s nothing to be scared or worried about! :)       

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