8th Grade Electives
    By: Khaled
    Hello soon to be 8th graders.  Are you excited to be in 8th grade next year?  Well you should be because 8th grade is great.  There are different electives in 8th grade such as Advanced Computers, Advanced Art, and Band.  As long as you do good on the state test you can get one of these great electives.

    In Advanced Computers you work on many things.  For example, you work on the yearbook, newspaper, and DVD.  When working on the yearbook you have to be dedicated.  If you aren’t then it won’t come out perfect and people will be disappointed.  Also, you get to take the camera around school to take pictures and record video.  It’s a great class so I recommend you request Advanced Computers.

    In Advanced Art you learn different things. Pretty much art stuff.  You get to mold clay into different shapes for a grade.  How easy and fun.  You also get assigned projects. You have to draw 3D art which can be hard for some.  Some in the Advanced Art class have talent, but the others will be taught to draw skillfully and develop talent over time.

    If you like music you’ll love Band.  In Band they teach you to play a lot of instruments.  They teach you to play drums, saxophone, flute, guitar, and many more.  You also learn the art of music and watch videos on famous composers and musicians.  Music is a beautiful thing and a good class to participate in.

    8th grade electives are very fun.  It’s better that you participate in an elective then to get an extension class.  They're all good electives so choose wisely.  Remember, if you do good on the state test you can get an elective. 
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