The Game

By: Alyssa  

Hello Lions! On April 12th we had our Student vs. Staff basketball game. We weren’t planning on having the game this year, but we did.. obviously. The tickets were $2 at school, but at the door they were $4. If you wanted to try out for the team you could have. All you had to do was show up to the basketball courts and shoot some hoops, and if Mr. English noticed you, you would be chosen on the team.

    During the first half of the game the girls played, the students beat the teachers. The score ended as 21-4 for the girls. The second half of the game the boys played... they played a very hard game... the score after their half was 20-38... The teachers won. The overall score of the entire game was 42-41. With some help from the guys the teachers won. Everybody played great in the game, hopefully everyone had a fun and great time. Well goodbye Lions.


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