Are you ready for 6th grade! \(^-^)/

Hello all you 5th graders we are glad that you are coming to (R.C.M.S.) this year we are very excited to meet you. You are coming to a new school full of new people. It might seem scary at first because it’s bigger than what you used to but you will get used to it. Everyone has to come to middle school sometime or another. You will enjoy meeting new people and reuniting with your old friends.

There are a lot of different things in middle school than in elementary school. Like you will have 6 different teachers all throughout 6th,7th,and 8th grade. You will learn more interesting things and new things. You will get to meet new teachers. You will have a P.E teacher, a language arts and history teacher, and a science and math teacher. We don't have recess any more there is only lunch which is only 30 minutes long.

You will have so much fun in 6th,7th,and 8th grade. We have a little more freedom than Elementary. We sometimes have Fun Friday where the A.S.B would let the students play games and pick music to play. There are dances that we have on holidays like Halloween and Christmas. When you get in to 7th and 8th grade you will get to have an elective like Art,Band,Computers and much more. When you have Art you will be able to draw pictures and learn new things that you never knew before.When you have Band you will be able to play an instrument and play it at Scandia at the end of the year but you will have to have good  grades. When you have Computers you will be able to learn new things and if you get in the advanced computers you  will make the year book and newspaper.

  Thanks For Reading My Article !!!!!:)