Welcome 5th Graders
    As your elementary school year comes to an end, now is the time for you to prepare for middle school at RCMS.  Everyone has had their middle school thoughts and worries, but be assured you will not be thrown into a trash can or put in a locker!
    For some of your friends this may be the last time you share a class or a school with them, many of your friends will go to other schools, or move away.  The great thing about RCMS is that you will meet many new people, young and old.  At RCMS you could explore new things and find your hidden talents.  At our school we have an amazing Band program, ASB (Associated Student Body), Art, and RCMS’s brilliant computer class.  You will have many activities to choose from here at RCMS, not
only in academics but also with your friends.  We have annual school dances, Fun Fridays, field trips, and staff vs student games.
    Well incoming 5th graders, I guess you’ll have to witness the good vibes here at RCMS yourself !  ~( ._.)~
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