RCMS Activities
By; Valentina

Hey there 5th graders ^-^ I know some of you might be excited about coming to RCMS and some of you might be scared.  You're probably scared because you’ll be coming to a bigger school where you’ll be the little ones.  Well I’m sure you guys will have a lot of fun in sixth grade.  There are going to be a lot of activities you can participate in.

There will be dances you’ll be able to attend to and Fun Fridays where you can participate in different activities.  There is also an AR party every trimester where you get to watch a movie and eat snacks. After the movie is over, there’s a raffle where you can win prizes.  You’ll also get to attend the Lions Den where you can play video games, ping pong, air hockey, board games, you can play pool, and a lot more.  But in order to do all these activities you will have to stay out of trouble.

For the Lions Den you have to do something good so a teacher can give you a pass to go inside during lunch.  If you get Student of the Month or an award for being in the top 10 AR readers they’ll give you a Lions Den invitation.  To go to a dance you need to stay off the LOP list. The LOP list means “Loss of Privileges”.  You go in the LOP list when you get four demerits. You get demerits when you have after school detentions, Saturday schools, suspensions, when you get your phone taken away, and sometimes lunch detentions.  To come off the LOP list you need to do a contract.  You can’t get in any kind of trouble for a period of time and you need to get it signed by all your teachers.  But hopefully you don’t get in trouble and have a great time at RCMS.  Byyye ^0^

AR party

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