Are You Ready For Middle School?
By: Jazmin

 Hello There 5th Graders(^-^)/
Welcome to Rancho Cucamonga Middle School or as we call it R.C.M.S.
When you are entering 6th grade you might feel scared & excited at the same time because your moving to a bigger school & your going to be going to school with 7th & 8th graders. In 6th grade you only get one locker which is a PE locker that is 3ft. 6th grade is the year where you really have to take it seriously because that's where you learn everything that you need for 7th & 8th grade. If you get good grades, you are most likely to get in the elective wheel. If your grades are bad, you will get put in an extension class. The elective wheel is basically 3 classes of electives. There is art, music, and computers. You will have more than one teacher. Mostly every period you have different teachers. Having more than one teacher is different, but you’ll learn to get used to it. Most 6th graders only have about 3 to 4 teachers. You also might have the same schedule as a lot of kids in your first period class. Some of the different things in 6th grade are you have 4 minutes to get to every class, you have 30 minutes of lunch, & you have P.E every day. Well I hope you have a great year as a 6th grader c:
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