What RCMS has to Offer
By: Michelle

To all the 5th graders coming to our middle school, this is for you!
In this website, you’ll find many things about RCMS and hopefully, you can be more comfortable as a sixth, seventh, and eighth grader. Our school has a lot of things that include clubs, after school activities, and lunch events. Clubs can be joined by an application. After school activities are free for all and at lunch, you can participate in the events.

If you’re interested in a club, go ask the teacher that is coordinating it. Usually, they meet at least once a week, so be sure that you’re there. Once in the club, participate in all the things that they offer and most of all, have fun!

We also have after school activities. These meetings are here to help students with their academics or just an extra hobby. You may have to ask a teacher if you want tutoring, but if you visit them, be sure to join! With these weekly sessions, you should be ready for the state test later.

During lunch, music is sometimes played and usually, Fridays would have a fun, random event. These may include: food, balloons, candy prizes, and a bunch of laughter. These events are called Fun Fridays. When they occur, be sure to join and you might win!

This website doesn't cover all the things RCMS has, but here are most of them. If you are nervous or shy, it’s okay to sit and watch but if you join, you might have a lot of fun. I hope this has been helpful to you, and good luck this year!

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