Welcome Future 6th Graders

Welcome future 6th graders to RCMS (^-^)/. This year will be very different but much fun, so much will change. You'll have more than one teacher. You have P.E. everyday, you run a mile mostly every Friday. The work is harder. More homework. You have to move to a different class everyday day. Here at RCMS we have electives but you future 6th graders have to wait till 7th grade, but don’t worry about being scared most teachers can be nice on the first day of school. The good thing about being in 6th grade you make many new friends.

The first time you walk into RCMS you might think its scary but its really not. You will have six periods but three teachers. sixth grade will be a big difference in your life. There might be some ups and downs but its better to enjoy sixth grade because out of my whole three years of being in middle school it went by very fast so enjoy your three years of middle school because after middle school you go right into high school and it will be even more harder then middle school so make sure you pay attention to everything in class.

In middle school its a place to mature the teachers are more strict and you will get homework daily from all teachers and in order to get an elective in seventh grade you need to have good grades if you want to promote and go to Knott’s Berry Farm at the end of 8th grade year. So to promote you will have to be good for all three year. Make sure to behave and be mature for all these three years if you want to promote and do many other things at the end of the year. Well I hope you all have a great 6th grade year bye ^-^