Scandia Field Trip
Hello everyone. One of the many great things about RCMS is that the top 100 AR readers get to go to Scandia! But in order to get on the list, you have to read a LOT, maintain your place on the list (so that you won’t get knocked off), and you may have to knock other people off the list to keep yourself on it. Usually your language arts teacher will tell you the minimum number of AR points that you will have to pass, or your teacher will print out a list every week to update who has recently been added on the list. If you are towards the end of the list, for example #90 - #100, then you should keep on reading because there is a huge chance that you may get bumped down. I have learned from experience because last year, I was #93 on the list and I thought I was safe to not get knocked off, but when my teacher printed out the final list, I ended up being #102 and I didn’t get to go on the field trip, even though the readers who passed me were only 0.2 points ahead. So, if you happen to be anywhere on the top 100 list, you should still keep reading to get yourself HIGHER on the list. The more you are closer to the top, the less chance that you will be knocked off. If you happen to make it on the field trip, some information you will need to know is that the trip is free, however, you'll have to pay for your own food. The field trip will be on Monday, May 20th. {; 


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