Best Three Years To Come   

How was your middle school expierience?

Serena said - " It was pretty good, I  had a lot of memories in RCMS that I won't forget."

Rudy said- "It was the best. 6th grade was ok, 7th grade was better and I expect 8th grade to keep being the best."

Danielle said- " It was awesome and the teachers are really nice."

        Greetings future Lions. I would like to Welcome You To RCMS (Rancho Cucamonga Middle School). RCMS is a bit different from your usual elementary school. For example you don’t have recess and you have six classes with more than one teacher. Also we have a lot of fun activites so don’t be scared you will have an awesome time here at RCMS.
  Soon to be Lions, I bet you are scared but don’t worry you are probably not the only ones. For those who are excited, well, good. Because your RCMS years are going to be the best! You can meet new people and  have more friends. At middle school, you have more classes with different people almost every time. You have more than one teacher.  At lunch, after you're done eating you just hang out. There is no handball or tetherball at lunch, but you do have football and soccer. Also, you can play basketball at lunch, sometimes. The reason they don’t have as much games to play is because they are trying to prepare you for high school. Middle school is just a place to become mature enough for high school. So remember, just have fun and make sure you make middle school the best years of your life!

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How was your middle school expierience?

Larissa said -" My middle school expeirience was awesome and the people and teacher are really nice."

Alex said "It was an intresting ride for 3 years,and lot of positive monents ."

Abraham said - " It was amazing the teachers are very respectful and nice."

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