Hey there future 6th graders. So I'm pretty sure some of you guys are very excited to come to Rancho Cucamonga Middle School. There are a lot of things to do here at RCMS. One of the really cool things is having electives. You get an elective when you get to 7th grade.  There are plenty of classes to take like computers, art, office aid, ASB, or band.  Sometimes you can have the trimester wheel where in every trimester you can have band, computers, and art or you can have the semester wheel where you can have only two electives for each semester.  In computer class you get to do many things like make webpages, movies, and reports.  When you're in 8th grade if you're in the advanced computer class you get to do a school newspaper, the yearbook, and the dvd for the yearbook. In band you get to learn how to read notes and play any instrument you want.  Band has a Winter and a Spring concert where everyone can show off what they've learned.  They might even have a drumline expo. In art you learn how to draw, paint, and make things you’ve never thought you could do.  You get to use many things in art like paint, clay, or even oil pastels. In office aid you get to do a couple things like help around the office and run errands.  Lastley in ASB you get to do many things like planning school activities, decorating for school, dances, and help collect money for all trips.  Well, I hope you enjoy having an elective and have a great time at RCMS. Bye!

By; Marlin 

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