Demerits and LOP List

by: Samantha XD

    Hello all 5th graders reading this, I’m sure you are wondering how different middle school is from elementary school. It’s pretty much the same and there are many things to learn and explore, I will tell you about our discipline system. A demerit is like a tally chart, it keeps track of how many times you’ve gotten in trouble. The LOP list is a list of students that are “Loss Of Privilege”. These students cannot participate in things like: Dances, reward days, and other field trips, (for 8th graders) might not promote! You can receive a demerit in many ways, so be careful!

      After School Detention (1 demerit)- Teachers or Staff members can assign a detention for 1 hour after school. It maybe assigned for: too many tardies to school or to class, disrespecting your teachers, excessive missing assignments, cheating on tests or classwork,  running in the hallways, excessive talking during class, or any other violation of student behavior listed in the student handbook.

    Saturday Schools (2 demerits)- A Saturday school is when you must come back to school on Saturdays. Teachers may assign a Saturday school for excessive missing assignments or any other violation of the student behavior and work ethics listed in the student handbook. Class suspension (2 demerits)- A class suspension is when you are being too disruptive or constantly disrespecting your teachers, you can be kicked out of class and sent to the office instead of class. You will still have to do the work that the rest of the class does but you will be stuck in the office away from your friends and peers.

    For the LOP List, all you need is 4 demerits to be put on the LOP List.  When you are on the LOP List, you can’t go to dances or go on fun field trips. If you think that your demerits will just disappear when you go to 7th and 8th grade, then you are sadly mistaken. The demerits will carry on with you to your next grade level! But I have some good news, there is a way to get off of the LOP List! You can get something called a LOP contract. During a LOP contract you will have to be good for 20 school days. What do I mean by good? I mean no tardies, no detentions, or any other things that could get you into trouble.

    Thanks for taking the time to read my article and go check out what other things RCMS has to offer. Have a great year future lions, and remember stay out of trouble!  :)

In case you want to know what the detentions and LOP List look like....



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