8th Grade Field Trip!! By: Adriana
Greetings students of  RCMS!!!☺Ever wonder what you get in 8th grade for being such a WONDERFUL! student during 6th & 7th grade?  Well you get to go on a FIELD TRIP!  YAY! Right? Well you might have went on field trips before but this one is different.  Since you are an 8th grader you are “responsible” now and you get to go to a better field trip this year... Knott’s Berry Farm.  There are plenty of rides to ride.  You get to chose what rides you get to go on or which ones you don't want to go on.  The park is pretty big and has plenty of rides.  Most of the rides are thrilling and fun.  Some of the rides are, Silver Bullet, Supreme Scream, Rip Tide, Montezooma’s Revenge, etc.
To be able to assist the 8th Grade Field Trip you have to be eligible to promote, not be on the LOP list & pay your ticket.
The field trip will be on May 17th.  The ride to Knott’s Berry Farm is about an hour long and you will go on a bus.  The bus that you will be in is assigned to you by your last name.  I hope you guys have  a great 8th grade trip.✌☺

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