From 6th to 7th grade 
By: Rafael

    Hello students of RCMS!!!!  I know a lot of us are very excited to be going to high school in two months!  As well as a lot of sixth graders are also very excited to be moving on to the seventh grade.  This incoming year for all of you sixth graders will be very fun and exciting!
    This is the year most of you guys will be put in an elective class or an extension class if you need it. For all of you guys that are behind in Math or Language Arts you will be put in an extension class based on your grades, that is why you guys have to really try hard in your classes!  All of the elective classes are extremely fun.  You will either be put in The Wheel, which means you will have a different elective class each trimester.  The elective classes are Computers, Band, and Art.  All of those classes are very fun and have many activities you can do and also learn from.  Some of you guys will be put in a year long class either for Computers, Band, or Art.  Which means your going to spend a whole year with one elective class!  Which is good because you get to learn a whole bunch of stuff, and you may also be put in an advanced class the next year in eight grade.
    Mr. Garretson teaches  Computers.  He is a very cool and fun teacher, but make sure you don’t push his buttons because... you'll regret it.  Mrs. Cox teaches Band, and she is a very fun and calm teacher.  Mr. Preciado teaches Art.  He is cool and fun.  Whatever elective you receive I personally guarantee you will deeply enjoy it.  Thanks guys for listening to my article!