Introducing Middle School ! ^-^
By: Destanie(:
        Welcome to Rancho Cucamonga Middle School!  Our mascot is the Lions.  We have rules like other schools, we also have many activities and clubs you can join here.  School starts at 8:34 and ends at 2:43, try your best to be on time.  Hope you have a wonderful year at R.C.M.S.
Now since you enter middle school you don’t have recess anymore, you only have lunch to hang out with your friends, but if you get to school on time then you have that extra time to talk before you go to class.  You only have four minutes to get to your class or you might be marked absent.  You will have more than one teacher during your years at RCMS.  Lockers are provided for 7th and 8th graders but remember having a locker is a privilege, you can get them taken away.  If you are in 6th grade then you do not have an elective you have an extension class, you have the opportunity to be in a elective class when you are in 7th and 8th grade.  The electives in this school are art, computers, band, office aides and A.S.B.  There is also advanced computers where you get to make the yearbook and the newspaper.  We have activities on Fridays which are called “Fun Fridays,” it’s fun if you participate.  Every month we have “Student of the Month,” which is when the teachers pick their outstanding students that worked hard, after everyone is called you have a chance to shoot a hoop or pick a teacher or maybe your own parent, if you make it you get a prize.  We only have a few clubs they are the Anti-Bullying, Christian and Gate.  We have tardy slips which are how many times you have been tardy to school, you only get one warning and the rest are consequences.  There’s gum detentions but gum is not allowed on the campus either way and last but not least is after school detention.  Each after school detention is a demerit.  If you get up to four demerits then you’re on the Loss of Privileges list, but there’s a contract so you can get off.  If you’re still on the L.O.P. list in 8th grade you may not participate in all of the end of the year activities A.S.B. has planned for you.  Try your best to stay out of trouble and have a great year at R.C.M.S.
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