8th Grade Field Trip!
      By: Alyssa~(:
Hello 8th graders! ^.^ As you all know the school year is ending and you will all be moving on to high school. ;D  For all of your hard work at R.C.M.S., the eighth graders will be going on a field trip to Knott’s Berry Farm! :D If you go to the promotion trip and you are not allowed to be there, you are NOT eligible to attend the 8th grade promotion. >.< You are eligible to attend if you are not on the LOP list, do not have excessive tardies or absences, if you have not been suspended, or if you do not have any excessive fines.  If you are on the LOP list, I suggest you  start your LOP contract as soon as possible. [:  If you have a lot of absences or tardies, you can make those up by going to the Academic Attendance Recovery program also called the Saturday session.  You will also need to purchase a ticket and pay for your own food when you go to Knott's Berry Farm. (:  The field trip will take place on Friday, May 17. ^.^
Knott's Berry Farm! :D

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