New 6th Graders
   Hey new sixth graders! :D So you may be excited to go to a new school but also nervous because middle school is a little different from elementary school. But don't be because I'm sure you'll be fine and have a good year. The only difference is that you'll be going to school with bigger kids and also you'll have more responsibilities, therefore you may have to be a little more mature and take things more serious. Another thing is that there's a lot of fun activities you can attend to like school dances, Fun Friday, clubs, and other things we have here at RCMS!
   I'm going to be talking about classes, telling you more about different classes you'll probably have. In middle school you'll have different classes, not just one like elementary school.  You also won't have just one teacher, you’ll have three or four. And there's also 6 periods but you don't change classes in all of them. At first it might feel weird or it'll be different moving around but you'll get use to it. In middle school there are also electives. Electives are classes you can take like art, computers, and band. But not everyone gets an elective only 7th and 8th graders and you also have to have good grades to get in one.
   Another thing is passing period. During passing period you'll have 4 minutes to go to your next class. You can go to the restroom, go to your locker 6th graders sadly don't get lockers until 7th grade, and maybe say hi to some friends you see but just don't take too long talking to them. Well, this is pretty much all you need to know about classes. It's not that different from 
elementary school. I hope you have a great year like I did!  Back To Lion Times