Field Trips
Hey fifth graders, next year you will be in middle school and here at RCMS there will be some field trips that you can earn to go to. Scandia field trips will be for people who do good in AR and for people who are in Band. There is also the Eighth grade field trip to Knott's Berry Farm. All of these field trips are privileges and have to be earned.

Scandia for Band
If you join band here at RCMS you will be able to go to Scandia. To be able to go on this trip you can't be on the LOP (Lost of Privilege) List. You get on this list if you get in trouble to much. You can get off of this list if you get a contract. I you get this contract you can’t get in trouble for 20 school days. Just don’t get on the LOP List!!!  All through the year you will be working hard in band so don’t get in trouble and go to the Scandia trip with all your friends in band. You’ll deserve it.

Scandia for A.R.
Read!!!! Here at RCMS if you read you’ll be rewarded. IF you read a lot  you’ll be able to attend an A.R. Party. There is one A.R. Party for every trimester. At the A.R. Party they will give you chips, soda, lollipop, and a ticket or tickets based on how much you read. Then you’ll sit down and watch a movie. The best part about reading here at RCMS is the field trip to Scandia. The top 100 readers in the whole school get to go to Scandia!!! Read a lot in sixth grade and maybe you’ll be able to attend this trip!!

Promotion Field Trip/ 8th Grade Field Trip
The eighth grade field trip is a trip to Knott's Berry Farm. Most people say this is the best trip the school has to offer. In order to make it to this trip you can’t be on the LOP List or get nine F’s in your three years at RCMS. In this trip you’ll be able to be with your friends and go around freely with one adult chaperone. This is one of the days where you can have a lot of fun before you go on break and enter high school.

Sixth Grade Field Trip
This year the sixth graders went on a field trip. It was a play at Victoria Gardens. This is one of the many field trips that these sixth graders will experience in their three years at RCMS. Many students enjoyed it. Click play  below to see some interviews of some sixth graders.

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