Three Fun Things About RCMS
By: Alejandro
    Hello future 6th graders and welcome to RCMS.  A.R. is something you’re familiar with in elementary school, but this time there are A.R. parties.  Also, there is Lion's Den at lunch, where there is music, a pool table, and other fun activities.  Finally, there is P.E. everyday and you’ll get to play sports like football.  You’ll also have to dress out for P.E.

    In elementary school, there is A.R., but maybe for some schools, no A.R. party.  In order to get into the A.R. party, you have to have your goal at 75% or above.  The higher you earn in your goal, you’ll earn raffle tickets to win prizes after the movie.  In the AR party, a movie will be playing and you’ll be given a soda, a lollipop, and a bag of chips.  You’ll only get these once, so you can’t ask for more.

    Also, there is Fun Friday, but it isn't every week.  When it's Fun Friday, there is music always playing, and the music is usually a trend like Harlem Shake.  The games on Fun Friday are sometimes specific, or it's random.  The games are always fun though, like balloon pop.  You have to pop all the balloons that are attached to peoples' ankles and be the last one with a balloon that's not popped.

    Finally, unlike elementary school, there is P.E. everyday.  In P.E., when your teacher picks a sport, it usually involves team vs. team.  Usually every Friday, you have to run a mile, which is two laps, and you're timed.  You’ll also have to dress out for P.E. and if you don’t, your grade is affected.  When there is nothing to do, you have free choice, which is what you want to do, except doing nothing.

     I hope you’ll have fun doing these three fun things.  The A.R. party will make you want to read to have fun and get a reward.  It'll be fun when it's Friday, because of the games and music.  P.E. everyday will probably be the best, because of team vs. team.  I welcome you to RCMS and I hope you have a great time being here.

Great Fun Friday

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