P.E. for new 6th Graders
By: David

   Hey new 6th graders, I would like to tell you about P.E. at RCMS and how it’s different from your elementary school.  I’m going to be talking about the sports you’ll be playing during your P.E. period.  I’ll also be talking about the P.E. teachers and how they teach their classes.  Finally, everything I have just explained is what you will experience.

   The sports at RCMS are fun and some are free choice or as a class unit.  Class units include football, basketball, blastball, soccer, ultimate frisbee, etc.  The free choice sports are the same as the sports you play as a class unit.  When you have free choice you can play sports with your friends even if they have a different P.E. teacher.

  There are three P.E. teachers at RCMS and they are Mr. English, Mr. Schumacher, and Mrs. Cruz.  These three teachers are really cool and fun.  Their classes play almost all of the same class unit sports.  Each of these teachers have a prep. period. These three teachers expect all their students to play and not be lazy.

    I interviewed the P.E. teachers on what it's like to teach 6th graders or why it's different to teach them. Here's what they said.
  Mr. Schumacher said: " When new 6th graders get here they're pretty timid, slowly getting used to a new campus and seem lost at times because of the new enviornment. The 7th and 8th graders have been on our campus and know what to expect with our Physical Education program and work well as model students to the new 6th graders. "

    Mr. English said: " It's a pleasant change and it's been a change from step one fundimentals to the ending steps of actually playing a sport."

  Mrs. Cruz said: " It's really fun but, they sometimes have trouble being in a new enviornment. "

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