RCMS Talent
by: Patrick

What's up 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. Are these middle school and elementary students or the next greatest singers, writers, and etc? Well there are some very talented people in our school, RCMS. You could find these people in band, computer class, and much more. You can join these classes and discover your talent or see other people’s talents. So there are things in our school that can help you increase your talent or find one.

Arts and computer class can teach you many things. Art can teach you new and different techniques of art like sculpting, painting, and etc. You can see all this wonderful art in Mr. Preciado’s art class. Mr. Garretson’s computer class will  teach you wonderful things like making cool things in Photoshop and much more. You can make wonderful moving pictures and movies about many different things.

So chorus and band can help with your music and stuff. There is advanced band which is the best of the best in our school. You can play trumpet, drums, and etc. There is beginning band where you learn how to play a new instrument and if your a 6th or 7th grader you can sign up for advanced or intermediate band at the end of the year. Chorus you work together on singing. Chorus sign ups are usually during the January of the year. There are three sections for chorus alto, tenor, and sopranos. Band and chorus have a couple of concerts like: Spring Concert, Winter Concert, Scandia Concert, and many more.
So I hope you liked my article! =)