Welcome 5th Graders! \(^0^)/
By: Hitoshi (:
    We have some amazing things here at RCMS!  You're going to enjoy this year.  The thing is, is that it's way different from elementary school, but don’t be scared.  It’s going to be fun. RCMS is the school you wanna go to! :D We have many different activities during lunch, where they play music during lunch while you could participate on doing something fun.  There is no recess but you’ll get used to it.

    About P.E., instead of only one day a week, you have it everyday and you get your own locker to put your clothes in.  P.E. is really fun and you might become a class leader. (: But don't get to excited unfortunatley in 6th grade you won’t get a hallway locker so you will have to carry around those heavy books all over the place, but in 7th and 8th grade you will. (:

    You have a passing period because you have more than one teacher, in 6th grade you basically have 3 or 4 teachers, but you could walk around, hug people, talk to your friends but not for long because you only have 4 minutes every passing period.  In 7th and 8th grade you will get an elective, the electives are, Art, Band, or Computers. I think computers is the best, but some of you might disagree with me.  In 8th grade, at the end of the year you could be in a team (basketball or football) student vs. staff. Middle school is really fun so I hope you enjoy it. :D

    In middle school you’re going to have a lot of responsibilities.  RCMS is a good school and you’ll get a good education. RCMS LIONS!!

Thanks for reading !(: Have a really good day young child :D

RCMS Lion Times !(: