Friends(: By:Samantha ;D 
    Hey there fifth graders!  Ever since I have came to this school, I have been loving middle school.  When I came from fifth grade I remember I was kind of nervous and scared.  The first day of school, I was excited to meet new people from different schools.   I was also panicking because the thought of having more than one teacher sounded scary.  Also homework for every period sounded scary as well.  I thought every period I would be lonely and that I would have no one to talk to.  Instead, I found an amazing friend. Her name was Kimberly.
        Luckily she had the same schedule as I did.  We went to class together and we basically did everything together.  She was such a good friend and I am happy I found her.  We had made many memories with other girls as well, and we managed to get through sixth grade together.  Sixth grade was my favorite year at middle school, and I hope it's yours to!
    My point is that all you really need in middle school is good friends to help you get through
the year and make it less scary.  I know from experience that middle school is not scary at all. It's actually more fun than scary.  With friends, you can have fun and enjoy the year.  I hope you find a great friend like I did.  My favorite year was sixth grade because I had a lot of fun with all my friends. Well thats all and I wish you the best!.(:
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