What It’s Like To Be An 8th Grader
By; Astkhik~

    Hey there fellow students.  Have you ever wondered what it's like to be in 8th grade? RCMS has this thing called "8th Grade Favorites." In this , 8th grade students nominate people for categories such as; best dressed, best smile, most unique, most likely to succeed, best eyes & stuff like that. First you get elected & then the Advanced class counts them up & the top two girls & boys with the most nominations get put on a ballot & the 8th graders vote for who they choose. The boy & girl with the most votes for each category wins & their picture is put in the yearbook. You will find out who won when you get the yearbook & open up to the Favorites page. So remember to buy your yearbook! 
    In 8th grade you get to go to this promotion field trip to Knott's Berry Farm, if you're eligible, where you’ll be there all day with your friends. In order to go you have to be off the LOP list & you can’t have more than 9 F’s throughout your whole time at RCMS.  You stay at Knott's until they close.  You leave a while after school starts so you can be put into your bus.  The bus is arranged in alphabetical order by last names.  You will have to pay an amount for your ticket & bring money for food.  You can order cafeteria lunch if you desire also.  Going to Knott's will be so much fun so enjoy your time there with your friends.

    Another thing is you have your very own dance.  At the end of the year, the school has a dance for the 8th graders only.  There is music & food sold by ASB.  You can dance & hang out with your closest friends & just have fun.  It happens during school. So you can get out of class & go have fun.

    You also get to pick your elective.  You can talk to your Art or Computer class teacher to see if they can add you in their advanced class.  In Advanced Computers, you make the Yearbook & your very own newspaper on the Lion Times website.  You make videos, take pictures of friends & students, & make the DVD with picture & video.  In Art you make projects with clay or drawing utensils.  You also have to study for tests about Art.  We also have Band.  You can get Band in the wheel or you can be in Advanced Band.  In Advanced Band you play a musical instrument.  Also you have concerts & perform at Scandia. Another elective you may get is Office Aid.  In Office Aid you help the office run errands & you help around.

    Since it's your last year here at RCMS you promote.  You’ll have a ceremony with all the 8th graders allowed to walk.  Promotion is a big deal, you have to dress in proper attire.  In order to be able to walk during promotion, you cannot have more than 9 F’s throughout your whole time at RCMS.  You cannot be on the LOP list.  You need to get a contract to get off the LOP list if you want to promote.
    You need to keep your grades up for the high schools to see how you are in school.  This year, as an 8th grader, you are going to take the State Test on History, Science, Math, & Language Arts.  If you do bad, the high schools will see that & put you in lower classes.  So you have to make sure you do good in all of your state tests because it determines where you will be in  High School.  Well being an 8th grader is very fun, but you have to behave & do good in school.  Well, bye now.

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