Period 4

There was a time where we took a field trip to COHS. Remember that? Well incase you didn't go and wondering why you didn't? It's because the field trip was specifically made for people who are already assigned to go there, and in order to be assigned you have to live near that area. Even if you didn't go, I'll fill you in on what happened!

First off, of course, we waited in the gym for all the students to be there so we could head towards the bus and be on our way!

The ride there was fun just hanging out with your friends and such.

The ride wasn't that long, so we got there pretty quick.

So, our bus stopped in front of the gym and they welcomed us with the balloons, music,  the dance team and the cheerleading squad!

As we sat down, a specific teacher, which I forgot the name oftold us the basics of what we're going to see within the school year, introduced the teachers we would be seeing, including the counselors.

Then the drum line performed! They were amazing.

Not long after that the cheerleading squad showed us their routine!

Then the Dance Team!

Then one of the counselors showed us a short presentation about the student life there at Colony, the electives, and the clubs.
Finally we all came down the bleachers and just let it out by doing the cupid shuffle!
( Which was horribly embarrassing, but you know whatever.)

As the field trip was over we went back with our opinions and decisions changed about which highschool we would want to go to.
 Overall the trip and the pre-orientation was good! It changed my opinion of the idea of going to colony. The school was really big, as of which I heard was the biggest school in the district! For sure i'd get lost easily whenever on campus. Haha.  Honestly i'd reccomend going to colony. Anyway that's all!

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