By: Destiny

Q: How do you feel bout perfoming at the half time?

A: I feel nervous but I feel good about it!

- Jackie

         Dance Team! 
    In the beginning of the year Rancho Cucamonga Dance Team performed one amazing dance based on the hit song THRILLER, and now they are practicing to perform another. RCMS Dance Team have been practicing for the Student vs. Staff game half time dance... They will perform while the basketball team is resting so everyone can it their performance. Personally I am excited to see the Dance Team's performance and I'm sure many would agree with me. I have interviewed people on the Dance Team and asked them how they feel about performing and many of their answers were positive. They will be practicing until maybe the first two weeks of April because there dance is complicated. There are over fifty people on the dance team, that all have to learn one dance and they have to dance at the same time as each other.I'm sure that  when the dance is performed it will be spectacular!

Q: How do you think practice is going, how do you feel about perfoming?

A: I think practice is going good, I feel good about perfoming!

- Sam


 Those are some pictures of the Dance Team's last perfomance!

Here are some pictures of the Dance Team practicing for there next perfomance!

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