Where memories are being made!

In a class which we thought would be no different than any other, we have come to know knew people with many different personalities and ways of being. Yes, we may not always have the same opinions about some or most things but we manage to get through it and come to a solution. We have made many great things such as newspaper articles, webpages and a yearbook that looks fascinating. There are also alot of amazing things that have been taught to us. Not only will it be useful now but also in the future. We have been taught by one of the best teachers here at RCMS that will do almost anything to help us with the stuff we need and takes the time and courage to help us understand the concepts of the technological world. We may have trouble with some or most things, but he has the patience to help us through it. Its gonna be sad leaving room 14 and the people we have come to know. Memories have been made that will be hard to forget... not that we want to anyways.Well above all, this one of a kind journey was worth it . Now it is time to let go but not forget. We will have many amazing in life and this is just one of them. This is just the beginning. s

2013-2014 Advanced computer class

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