Rancho Cucamonga Middle School is proud to announce the winner of the 2013-2014 RCMS Spelling Bee, Youssef Adam.
Youssef is a sixth grade student at Rancho Cucamonga Middle School.


The Spelling Bee began in each language arts class, with each student given a list of 25 challenging words to spell.  If the student correctly spelled at least 20 words, they moved on to the RCMS Spelling Bee.  The RCMS Spelling Bee was held on January 23, with more than 40 students representing their language arts class and grade level.  After many rounds, Youssef was pronounced the RCMS Spelling Bee winner.
After Youssef won our local bee, he spent his days studying lists of different word origins, challenging words, and common roots to prepare for the next level, the Inland Valley Regional Spelling Bee.  Youssef was one of approximately 100 students representing their respective schools and districts at the Inland Valley Regional Spelling Bee on March 1.  The day of competition was full!  He first competed in three preliminary rounds to qualify for the final bee: oral spelling, written spelling, and written vocabulary.  Youssef did so well; he qualified for the final bee later that day.
Although Youssef did not win the final bee, we are very proud of his accomplishments, and look forward to his spelling success as he continues to attend RCMS.  Congratulations, Youssef!