Hey RCMS students! What type of elective class do you want to take next year? Art, Computers, or Band? For the 6th graders that kept their grades up, you get to be in a fun creative class instead of another math or language arts class. There is also the advanced version of these classes for the 7th graders that kept their grades up. If you want to be in an advanced class you should go to the elective teachers and ask to be in their class for the next year. You still might not get into the advanced class even if you ask, don't think that the school has something against you because many of my own friends wanted to go to the advanced class the year before but did not get it.

For 6th graders next year you can be in a new type of class if your academics were kept up. You might be in the semester class where you get to switch electives in the middle of the year. Or you can be in the wheel where every trimester you switch electives so you can have a taste of every elective to see what you want to do for the next year. Some of the 6th graders right now have electives, that hasn't happened since the 2009-2010 6th graders!

The 7th graders going to 8th grade next year can be in the wheel or may be lucky and be chosen to be in one of these advanced electives.
In the computer elective you practice your typing, you make movies, make keynote presentations, and you even make your own websites! In the band elective you practice playing different instruments which helps for your fine arts classes in high school. In the art elective you practice with blending, painting, and other art tools, this class can also help you for your fine arts classes in high school.

ADVANCED COMPUTER CLASS                              



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