WWE, (World Wrestling Entertainment) yes it may be fake but i personally enjoy it very much It’s a fun thing to experience when you're younger or if you've never been to a showing. If you ever go to a showing be prepared for a lot of fireworks, loud music, and much more. Younger children will like this way much more because its really exciting, i mean its still exciting for older kids like us. I have been to a lot

    If you do go it might be best if you sit in sections where you can actually see the big screen TV, if you cant see the TV its really hard to know whats going on, if your not listening.  When i went i sat at an angle and i still couldn’t see the big screen. It was hard for me because i had a hard time listening to what was being said, when of course i didn't know what was happening because i couldn't see anything,

Many of the wrestlers are known in various places. They've been everywhere in the United States and they've been to some places in Europe too.

Alot of the wrestlers or Divas (Divas are female wrestlers, but you probaly already knew that) go out of town or state on their own or on tour for the main events such Wrestle Mania, Summer Slam, or just tours in specific.

The Divas are various girls that wrestle just like men, but they arent allowed to wrestle with the men. They can stand by the ring when the men are wrestling but thats about it.

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